When you don’t feel anything

So much love, so much passion. But when you don’t feel anything, it’s all a bit empty. Sometimes I don’t feel that love or that passion. Sometimes I’m just not into it, just for a few days.

I’ll try a English blogpost. Just because I feel so. Don’t know how this goes, but I’m writing and that counts. 

I doubted a long way, cause English feels stronger with me these days. Still, I didn’t have the guts to write English. Scared of what people thought, scared of what others would say. But then I realized, it’s my blog, and not theirs. I’m the owner of my words. Not you who are telling me it’s wrong.
I know my English isn’t the best. But I’ll work on it.

” Don’t feel anything, but sometimes I do feel something. Not much, but we get there.”

These last few weeks, I’m in a big shift. Transitioning to a new me as they would say in the press. But actually, I’m transitioning to the me I need to be.
I always felt rushed, never could take a breath. The word NO was not in my books. Till I run against a brick wall, metaphorically. I couldn’t smile anymore, I cried more than a lot, I slept so much of the time. I was drained.

I’m searching for my way of life. How do I want to live at this moment, taking it one step at a time. I don’t know how everything will turn out. Don’t even know if I’ll blog in English every time. But for now. This feels good, and I finally found a way to express my words and thoughts. Something I couldn’t do those last 2/3 months.

I don’t feel anything sometimes, but when I feel, it’s with extra energy.
So I think everything will turn out okay, just don’t know how long it will take me to be happy all the time.

Lots of love,


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