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Life after quarantine..

Wow, it’s 3 weeks now that I’m home. still need to do 3 weeks more. But how much longer will it take? I’m a little bit stressing out.. and today I tell you why.

Two weeks before the quarantine. I told my girls of Leek I needed to go. Something I’m still not okay with, the way this went is just nasty. But it gives me some opportunity and that’s why I’m in peace with it and my goodbye is coming earlier and faster than first. cause we don’t have competition season anymore. Makes the last practices we will have, complete useless.
Cause for what I will train with them. I won’t get plans from the new coach, and for a lot of girls, it will be their last practice period cause they will quit the sports. What kind of practice will you give them?

So that’s kind of my thoughts this past week, I don’t know how to process this part of thoughts. So I thought I would share them with you so maybe someone can react to it. But even if someone doesn’t reach out it’s okay, I find it nice to write my thoughts. It makes my head lighter, my heart more in peace. Somehow I even feel more balanced. A few years ago I even wrote every day and it gave me so much space. But writing every day is not what I can do anymore, it’s a lot time consuming and I’ve no motivation for it.

In the next weeks, I will search for more answers on my future. Make things more clear and hopefully get some answers for my headspace. That’s one thing I really want to get clear, cause sometimes it makes me have anxiety. And that’s something I don’t want!

See you next week!

xx Froukk

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