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Escape all the bullshit..

I share A article I wrote in Portugal, at the end of february..
Today we are going very early to Portugal. We’re going to escape all the bullshit and enjoying a bit of relaxing.

So we went for 5 days to Portugal, Armaçao de Pera to be precise.
We rented a cute Airbnb, which was a great success. The lovely lady let us in and the Airbnb was really beautiful! We had everything we needed at that moment and the sun was shining. Best timing to get away from all the bullshit and just relax for a few days!

Together in our lovely house, the most beautiful location, pretty en comfortable. At a very small distance of the sea, with a beautiful sunrise.

I’ve come to Armacao to unplug. There was so much going on in my personal life, which I still can’t tell you everything about. But here in Portugal, we won’t discuss it when not needed. Actually, Falco and I didn’t speak a lot. We just enjoyed each other’s company, made stupid jokes and loved everything we learned, saw and did.

We loved eating and just relaxing on this beautiful island. In our Airbnb or on the beach! The weather was so nice and soft. And that reminded me, we need to be softer on our self! We are way too harsh to ourselves! Sometimes it’s okay to just ease in with a situation.

My first reaction in “stress-situations” is panicking. Those panic moments are not moments I can react to something. So no answering, emailing or calling. The only thing I can react to is a journal. I write down my first reaction and then I go to CrossFit, or gymnastics or just take a shower.
I put my favorite music on and after one of those activities I can read my first reaction and get to develop a new softer reaction.

It’s a hard process, but it gives me a lot of profits on personal development.

How do you coop with a panic reaction?

xx Froukk

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