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    Running before I can walk.

    This week marked 18 months in recovery, something I never thought was possible. Yet I did that, I made it happen. But something that is letting me stumble every now and then is that I want to run to the next phase. I am trying to run before I can walk which is never good, I just never done it the other way.

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    Navigate left? Or right?

    Sometimes all you need is a different perspective to your daily life things. I am so happy that i have a therapeutic team that can show me how insane my thought patterns sometimes are on a daily basis. And as soon I say them out loud to my therapist, it dawns to me how insane it actually is. But I keep believing my thoughts, they make sense in a way.

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    Recovery is a daily choice..

    It's hard to sit down and write at the moment. Cause the one moment I'm the happiest girl in the world, other moment's I don't see the point anymore. I'm almost 16 months without behaviors yet I feel I should be so much more stable, I should have my life in order, maybe even I should be healed.

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    New year, same struggles

    When I hit my year milestone, I thought that most struggles would be gone. When I survived the holidays, I thought the struggles would be less. Every first felt like the struggles would get less, yet here I am sitting with the same struggles.