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Calm in quarantine

Funny, This week I was so freaking calm. I had a decent good week for the time being at home now. How I managed? I tell you today!

Oh and I’m curious, Do you like my English? or do I need to write dutch again?

As it’s easter now and I got some extra time. I thought wow, how did my week go? Well, pretty good after 4 weeks of quarantine. This week it wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster and I even had time to process some stuff.

I had some days I could “work” from home, and a few days I needed to be outside my home. Cause my car broke down just before he needed to be checked. Also, I went “social distancing” with a friend in her garden. She put some chairs and a drink for me down. and so we could chat with our 6 feet distance. Wich was quite fun! I programmed my own workouts for the week and did a lot of workouts in the sun. I’m like a full-on summer bronze right now!

So yeah, my week was quite fun! I had some “normal” time and that made everything easier. Falco and I are celebrating 3 years and we are having a great time during the quarantine. Funny enough we don’t have any troubled times these days. Just a lot of fun and love.

Although we had a lot of fun this past week, the Saturday before Easter we heard some sad news. A friend of ours passed away due to the coronavirus. And then suddenly everything comes so close, it’s getting a bit scary. It’s so sad to see someone go with such a life spirit as he had! It’s even sadder that we can’t say goodbye. And that’s something we need to process.

Altogether I had a calm week. How do you cope?

xx Froukk

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